Executive Summary

Impact Opportunities

Elderly Care

Similar to the “Baby Boomers” of the U.S., Mexico’s rapid aging population has been deprived of a solution to efficiently take care of the elders living with dependency. There are currently 11.5 million (10.5% of total population) people over the age of 65, and over 1 million estimated ex-pats in Mexico. In less than 25 years, over 25% of the Mexican population will be over such age. With a longer life expectancy and children unable to provide more specialized care for their parents, the population is demanding specialized services and purposeful engagement to care for each person.

Healthcare Delivery

Like many countries, there are scarce professionals to address the current demands for certified nurses and even more lack the specialized training required for the elder and child care of Mexico’s population of 130 million people. Instituto Salus understands the high expectations Institutions demand of their human resources and the disparity that exist between those expectations and the general level of education and training licensed nurses possess. Instituto gives providers access to highly trained and pre-screened staff that is assigned to our Corporate Clients as an outsourcing service which is in increasing demand.

Disadvantaged Women

In Mexico, 45% of the population lives under the poverty line. Of these, 68% are women working within insecure conditions. A significant wage differential still exists between genders, and many women over the age of 40 have limited or no professional education forcing settlement in low-income and informal domestic work. Adolescent women are particularly vulnerable because their above average pregnancy rate ripples into withstanding little social support, low levels of education and an inability to continue studying. Because of such reasons, women are often trapped in precarious jobs to sustain themselves and their children.

Competitive Advantages

Salus’ innovation has reshaped the realm of care solutions and healthcare education driving Mexico into a modern age through the following innovations:

1. Salus’ proprietary technology platform that redefines the traditional Home Healthcare model. It creates information pathways to bridge the communication gaps of over 860 families and health professionals and provides an interoperable solution of connecting the right profiled caregiver with families and healthcare providers.

2. First of its kind elderly day center & memory clinic allowing seniors to live longer and healthier lives in their homes and prevent unnecessary institutionalization. Each physical center welcomes 60 program participants per day with an additional 25 people per day utilizing the clinic.

3. Radicalized the delivery and monitoring of dementia care through the implementation of an easily taught, learned and replicable proprietary method of dementia and specialized elderly care: Método Salus Care® to produce measurable results.

4. Creating an accredited nursing and healthcare education institution: Instituto Salus to continuously develop and empower the 400+ staff team of Salus’ solution services, as well as, the desperate nursing workforce of Mexico. Training eligible women of 18+ years as specialized caregivers, technical nursing assistants, and licensed nurses, with a unique blended learning methodology centered in values, personal development and job placement.

5. Utilized Instituto Salus to restructure the typical human resources department into a revenue making, job emulating machine that holds a reputation for empowering disadvantaged women to attain purposeful and better paying jobs.

Revenue Models

Clinic Services 360º Health Assessment; Physical, Occupational, Speech Therapy; Memory & Health Diagnosis; General & Specialist Health Consultation Mx $800 - $10K per service
Monthly Memberships Membership of 4 – 30 days per month of homecare and/or day care. Memberships include monthly health reporting; bi-annual total health assessment; health trajectory analysis, family support program, and discounts on clinic services Mx $5.6 - $40K per month
Nurse Outsourcing Daily 8, 12, and 24hr. shift nursing services. Levels of nurses include, basic caregiver, nursing assistants, licensed nurses, specialized nurses Mx $680 - $2.5K per shift
Monthly Education Tuition Technical Certificate of Paramedics (2-year) and Licensed Nursing Degree (4-year) paid monthly for duration of education. New enrollment occurs bi-annually for Fall and Spring semesters for consistent, continuous sales rotations Mx $2.5 - $3.5 K per month
Education Course 1-day to 6-month certification courses paid prior to course start date. Thirty course offerings available including a 5-day nursing boot camp Mx $600 - $1.5K per course
Job Placement Recruitment, interviewing and testing of nurses then placed in open temporary and long-term nursing positions within hospitals, pharmaceutical and laboratory companies,homecare agencies or other healthcare provider Mx $2.5K - $22.5K per placement

5-year Revenue

Delivers premium care to families and healthcare providers in Mexico. It has an innovative model ripe for replication and is disrupting the healthcare market with a mission to create better care, better people, and better businesses of health.

Provides unprecedented access to affordable, nearby health and elderly care education, with a mission to improve the health care delivery of Mexico by empowering disadvantages women.